What's LA MODE?


La Mode is Japan's first reasonably priced chain of language schools that specializes in conversational English but with out using text books during conversation lessons.

La Mode is the culmination of years of experience by the founder and President, Raul Alejandro Boggio, the creator of the "Mode Talk" method. The "Mode Talk" method is used exclusively at La Mode along with 'Advantage Talk', at Advantage English, -also founded by Raul in 1996. La Mode was created mainly for the Tokyo market with the home school being based in Nagoya Station. Sakae LA Mode is also slated for opening. All La Mode schools will be located in hyper-urban areas where the most demanding students can have easy access to the best quality English conversation lessons in Japan.  Television programs, English teaching software, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and English cellphone applications are currently being planned for a national market. 

We are looking forward to teaching you and we assure you that the 'Mode Talk' method is Japan's only true answer to learning English with out a text book.

We're Professional

All our staff and instructors have years of experience and know-how but always are pushing ourselves to be better. 100% satisfaction is the goal. Nothing less will be tolerated.

We're Charismatic!
Lessons are Fun

Our hiring process is very selective. We not only try and hire highly qualified instructors but they are also intelligent, charismatic and fun! All lessons are highly productive but always enjoyable.

We're Creative
Crafting Our Lessons With Love

By using the exclusive "Talk Mode" method, our teachers are free to focus on you! By not using textbooks, you, the student can be creative with your English, and our teachers can create a better, more original class that is unique for you.


We're Passionate

All the staff and teachers at LA MODE believe that LA MODE is the solution to 'eikaiwa' in Japan. We are confident that we supply the best method and teachers in the entire English conversation industry. Our aim is to be the leader in low-cost English solutions.